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Rosemarie Fem heals people with ENERGY HEALING and FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY.


Rosemarie Feminine is a healer and shaman. She is a very powerful healer and she can help with many types of issues: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

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Health conditions Rosemarie has helped with: Anxiety, depression, cancer, emphysema, fibromyalgia, PTSD, autism, stroke, polycystic kidney disease, ALS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, asthma, pancreatitis, menstrual issues, Chron's disease, restless leg syndrome, Alzheimer's, hand, foot and mouth disease,  allergies, arthritis, concussion, ulcerative colitis, obesity, schizophrenia, heavy metal toxicity, liver cirrhosis, eczema, HPV, herpes, AIDS, motor neuron disease


"I am amazed at how much better I feel after an energy healing session. I have a lot more freedom now. I am more expressive. I am a little bit more funny too. I am a lot better at handling things with other people now. I am very grateful for Rosemarie and her healing."

June Mackenzie,

New York City, USA

"I had a powerful energy healing session with Rosemarie. She helped me to release emotions and cleared something from my throat chakra. It was effortless, I felt like I was floating afterwards and felt so amazing!! She changed so much for my energies!!"

Pamela Horowitz,

Los Angeles, USA

"Rosemarie helped me so much. I had a strange unexplained pain in my shoulder for almost a year and it was gone after our session. She also cured my allergy to tree nuts. I also feel freer and happier since our session, there is a joy that I've never really felt before."

Rhonda Warren

Toronto, Canada

"My healing session with Rosemarie was really powerful. Ever since our session I feel really clear on what I want. I get a lot of messages now. I feel more balanced, more aware and more connected to myself. I highly recommend working with Rosemarie."

Katherine Peterson,

Los Angeles, USA

"I have had the honour of working with Rosemarie for the past few years. Having worked with many, I can honestly say that Rosemarie is nothing short of magical. Her skills and her warmth are an inspiration and a lesson at the same time. Thank you for everything that you taught me. With respect and gratitude."

Paul Lara,

Reiki Teacher, Toronto, Canada 

"Rosemarie is an excellent practitioner. I hadn't had a healing session in a while, and it was a very great experience. If you are worried about trying energy work online or remotely, just don’t! It works wonders. Rosemarie Fem is amazing!"

Fennario Fyvie,

Champaign, USA

"Wow, I really feel different after doing a session with Rosemarie! My heart feels so open and I feel like its much easier to speak my truth. She also helped with my slow metabolism and I have lost a little weight. I feel so much more comfortable, the change is huge."

John Copeland,

New York City, USA

"My session with Rosemarie was really powerful! I used to have really bad patterns of negative thoughts that wouldn't stop and it is totally gone. I feel lighter and happier. I have a lot less anxiety. I'm so glad I did a session with Rosemarie!"

Hema Gill,

Pittsburgh, USA

"Rosemarie is incredible! Would highly recommend! I was after a particular opportunity and landed it within the 1st 5 minutes after a session! Talk about synchronicities!"

Bvnk Sinvtrv,

Los Angeles, USA

"I feel amazing since my energy healing session with Rosemarie. I feel like I have a brand new life! I feel powerful and like I'm glowing. I have a sense of purpose in my work now, I care more about how I affect people and other people notice my energy now. It's amazing! Thank you!"

Geoff Thompson, 

Los Angeles, USA

"I absolutely loved Rosemarie’s energy. I’m sure I have my fair share of trauma and she definitely helped me to feel more at peace & cleansed. Thanks Rosemarie!"

Rachel Rodriguez, 

Los Angeles, USA

"After learning and sharing with diverse healers for decades, it has been an honour to share this journey with Rosemarie Fem. Her energy has a warm and commanding confidence that intuitively connects in a gentle and loving nature. Even through distance healing, Rosemarie demonstrates finesse and effective healing techniques that address the most unexpected sources of imbalance. Thank you, Rosemarie!"

Jeanette Smith,

Burk's Falls, Canada

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