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What is reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. I use reiki help with chakras, remove trauma, remove blocks in our energy, remove negative emotions and provide relief from anxiety. I also use reiki to heal health conditions, injuries and pain.

Our chakras can become out of balance from not being mindful enough. They can also become inactive from underuse and may not be open, also due to underuse. I use reiki to balance, activate and open chakras. I also enhance chakras, which means I make them work better than normal. Chakras can also be ruined by doing psychedelics, and I use reiki to recreate ruined chakras.

Our energy can also get blocked by things like stress, illness, injury and societal pressures. I use reiki to remove these blocks. I also remove negative emotions that can get stuck in the body.


I also use reiki to upgrade auras and add protection.


Reiki can change your life. It results in:


  • Powerful shifts

  • Inner growth

  • Spiritual expansion

  • Healing of physical ailments

  • Clearing out of old patterns

  • Balanced, active and enhanced chakras

  • Increased joy and resilience

Completely cured

"Rosemarie's reiki and shamanic healing session changed my life. She completely cured my fibromyalgia with one session! I was in constant pain before and I couldn't sleep. The pain is gone now and I can sleep soundly. I didn't think that I would ever get my life back! I am so grateful to Rosemarie!"

Sheila O'Connor,

Toronto, Canada

What is shamanic healing?

Negative entities and spirits

We can encounter negativity in our lives that can become a part of us. This can happen in times of stress, illness, conflict and loss. It can happen without us really knowing, and can cause negative thinking, worry, difficulty with criticism, difficulty moving forward in life, inability to reach our full potential, control issues and an inability to consider the needs of others.

I use shamanic healing to remove negative entities and spirits, and send them to the light where they cannot touch us.

Thought forms

We can also take on harmful ways of thinking that we pick up from people like our parents, teachers and bosses. These harmful thinking patterns are also called thought forms. You may have a hard time changing a thought form on your own because it was taken on when you felt lesser than the person or people it came from.

I use shamanic healing to remove thought forms, and have them extinguished.

Negative spells

It is also possible for a person to put a curse (or a bad spell) on another person. Curses can cause you to get into accidents, cause chronic hardship, repetitive suicide cases in the same family, repetitive miscarriages, premature death, continual financial problems, poor eating and sleeping habits, repetitive business failures and chronic mental torment. It is possible to have a curse for a very long period of time (they can last lifetimes) and be unaware that there is a curse, A person might think that they have bad luck or that things always seem to go wrong in their life.

I remove curses or negative spells.

Soul attachments

A soul attachment or soul tie is an intense connection between your soul and another soul. A soul tie can form with another person's soul, but it can also form with a negative entity or spirit. Soul ties with negative entities or spirits can cause bad things to happen in a person's life. The person might wonder why things turn out the way they do in their life and will often mistake the soul tie for having a curse.

I use shamanic healing the break soul ties with negative entities and spirits.

Ancestral trauma

Also, when trauma occurs, it can become a part of our DNA and get passed down to future generations, becoming part of the DNA of descendants of the person who initially experienced the trauma. This causes the descendants to feel the effects of the trauma of their ancestors.

I use shamanic healing to heal ancestral trauma.

Thought loops

Thought loops are thoughts that repeat over and over again in our minds. They can cause us to feel anxious and distressed. Thought loops come from the stress of the environment when we are in the womb. It can be hard to redirect our thoughts from a thought loop and it is difficult to get rid of thought loops.

I use shamanic healing to get rid of thought loops.

I also remove religious indoctrination.

What is karmic cleansing?

We accumulate karma through our actions. It can be from our actions in our current lifetime or in a past life. Bad karma comes when we have intentionally caused harm to others. When we have bad karma it can feel like there is a repetitive way in which we have difficulty in our lives. I use karmic cleansing to clear bad karma, ending these karmic patterns.

What does a session look like?


I offer reiki, shamanic healing and karmic cleansing in person and online.


During an in-person reiki, shamanic healing and karmic cleansing session you will lay down on your back on a massage table and relax. I use minimal touch when performing the reiki, shamanic healing and karmic cleansing.

I do online sessions over Zoom. During an online session, you will lay down comfortably with your camera on and I will perform the reiki, shamanic healing and karmic cleansing.

There is minimal discussion before a session. I work intuitively and will be able to tell what needs to be done.

You do not take any substances for the shamanic healing.


Book A Session


40 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $200

80 minutes - $250

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