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What are flower remedies used for?


Flower remedies assist us in reaching new levels of consciousness, and breaking down negative or destructive patterns or beliefs. They can help us heal anxiety and trauma, deal more effectively with difficult situations, understand ourselves better, create more harmonious relationships, enhance creativity, and so much more.


Most people who use flower remedies over an extended period of time develop a much deeper level of spiritual understanding.

How do flower remedies work? 

A flower remedy is tincture made from an infusion of a flower in water, preserved in alcohol. Flower remedies bring us new consciousness and awareness. Typically, you will take the same remedies for several weeks to months, at which point you will stop needing them as you will have  fully integrated that new level of awareness, and will be able to operate there without needing the support of the remedies.

I create custom flower remedies from a collection of over 200 remedies. Flower remedies are NOT the same as essential oils! This is not aromatherapy! Flower remedies provide healing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, and raise our level of consciousness. Flower remedies work on a vibrational or energetic level. Each plant has a unique lesson or gift to bring to us!

There is no scent involved in using flower remedies, they are taken  internally.

Pricing: $110 per formula

Contact me to get your formula

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