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What are flower remedies used for?


Flower remedies assist us in reaching new levels of consciousness, make us more fulfilled, make us more connected to sacredness, heal us on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, change our beliefs, help us live fuller lives, help us have better relationships with ourselves, create more harmonious relationships and enhance creativity.

How do flower remedies work? 

A flower remedy is tincture made from soaking a flower in water, preserved in alcohol. Flower remedies teach us things by transmitting their energy to us. Typically, you will take the same remedies for a few weeks, at which point you will stop needing them as you will have fully integrated the teaching.

How do I get my flower remedy?

Rosemarie will custom make your flower remedy without doing a session. You just need to ask for your remedy and send payment and she will make it for you. You can pick it up in Toronto or she will mail it to you.

Rosemarie creates custom flower remedies from a collection of over 270 remedies. Flower remedies are NOT the same as essential oils! Flower essence therapy is not aromatherapy. Flower remedies provide healing, raise our level of consciousness, make people more amazing and help with personal growth and transformation. Flower remedies work energetically. Each plant has a unique lesson or gift to bring to us!

There is no scent involved in using flower remedies, you take drops of them.

Pricing: $110 per formula, free pickup in Toronto or $15 shipping

Contact Rosemarie to get your formula

Send Rosemarie your address and she will mail you the essence.

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