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What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a powerful form of healing that can help you be your best. It creates big changes and the healings are described below.

Health conditions, pain and injuries

Laura has used energy healing to help people recover from chronic health conditions, mental illnesses, addictions and chronic and acute injuries and pain. Energy healing is very powerful and gets to the root of most health issues. It can also heal health conditions like multiple sclerosis that cannot be fixed by conventional medicine. Energy healing can also heal health issues that are unexplained. 

Chakras and aura

Rosemarie also uses energy healing to help with chakras. Chakras can become out of balance from not being mindful enough. They can also become inactive from underuse and may not be open, also due to underuse. She uses energy healing to balance, activate and open chakras. She also enhances chakras, which means she makes them work better than normal. Chakras can also be ruined by doing psychedelics, and she uses energy healing to recreate ruined chakras.

She also upgrades auras, which means she makes them work better than normal. Auras can also get holes in them from stress and violence and she also repairs holes in auras.


Spiritual awakening


Rosemarie has used energy healing to give people spiritual awakenings, kundalini awakenings and to make people attain enlightenment. She also uses energy healing to make people surrender better and to make them freer.

Spirit guides

Rosemarie uses energy healing to give people spirit guides. Spirit guides are powerful support in our lives that can help us live in a better way.

Past life regression

Rosemarie uses energy healing to do past life regression. Traumatic incidents from our past lives can affect us in our current lives. She uses past life regression to heal past life trauma.

Soul retrievals

Rosemarie uses energy healing to perform soul retrievals. Sometimes we can become disconnected from great parts of ourselves that were there when we were younger, due to traumatic events. A soul retrieval reconnects us to that part of us that we became disconnected from.


  Rosemarie uses energy healing to remove negative emotions like rage, grief, anger, fear and sadness that can get stuck in the body.

Trauma and abuse

Trauma gets in our chakras and will negatively affect how we feel. Trauma also affects the mind and can affect thought patterns and behavior. Rosemarie uses energy healing to remove trauma from chakras and from the mind. Abuse can create trust issues, isolation, low self-esteem and make it difficult to form and maintain relationships. She also uses energy healing to help people fully recover from abuse.


Rosemarie uses energy healing to improve people's energy. She improves the quality and the movement of energy.

Getting your soul back

It is possible to lose your soul. You can lose your soul after you do something in life that is not in alignment with what your soul wants. Losing your soul makes you feel very lost. Rosemarie uses energy healing to get people's souls back.

Cord cutting

You can have connections that are not good for you. Energetic cords can exist between 2 people who have had an emotional connection to each other. Energetic cords tie you to the other person. They are healthy to have with spouses but are unhealthy to have with other people. They can cause you to feel controlled by the other person. Rosemarie uses energy healing to cut energetic cords.

Soul attachments

Soul attachments are very strong attachments between your soul and another person's soul. They create unhealthy romantic connections where one person treats the other person poorly and the person who is being treated poorly can't leave the relationship and can't get angry with the other person. It makes it feel as though the people are destined to be together when they are not actually a good match for each other. Rosemarie uses energy healing to break soul attachments.

Positive states

Rosemarie uses energy healing to make people feel more peace, love, calm, joy and relaxation. She also uses instant healing to make people able to feel bliss.

Relationship to yourself

Rosemarie uses energy healing to help people have a better relationship with themselves. She also uses energy healing to help people have self-love, to see themselves more clearly and to feel better about themselves.


Rosemarie uses energy healing to help people progress in life. She also uses energy healing to help people with overcoming obstacles.

There is much more healing that Rosemarie does than what is listed on this website. She cannot disclose all of the healing that she does on her website.

How long is a session?

A session is 30, 40 or 50 minutes long.

What is the cost?

The cost is $140 for 30 minutes, $160 for 40 minutes and $200 for 50 minutes.

How can I pay?


She accepts PayPal, e-transfer and Zelle to her email address,

What should I do before a session?

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for a session.

My heart feels so open

"Wow, I really feel different after doing a session with Rosemarie! My heart feels so open and I feel like its much easier to speak my truth. She also helped with my slow metabolism and I have lost a little weight. I feel so much more comfortable, the change is huge."

John Copeland,

New York City, USA

What does a session look like?


Rosemarie offers energy healing in person and online. Her sessions are 30, 40 and 50 minutes long.

During an in-person energy healing session you will lay down on floor cushions and relax. She uses no touch when performing the energy healing.

Rosemarie does online sessions over Zoom. During an online session, you will lay down comfortably with your camera on and she will perform the energy healing.

There is minimal discussion before a session. She works intuitively and will be able to tell what needs to be done. After the session she explains all the healing she did.

Here are examples of the healings that you get in a session:

Example session 1

Balance root chakra

Enhance sacral chakra

Enhance solar plexus chakra

Improve energy

Past life regression

2 soul retrievals

Make them feel more joy

Help them with getting ahead in life

Example session 2

Activate third eye chakra

Balance crown chakra

3 spiritual awakenings


Back pain

Past life regression

Make them feel more love

Make them be nicer to themself

Make them better at problem solving

Example session 3

Balance solar plexus chakra

Balance heart chakra

Enhance crown chakra

Heal aura

Past life regression

Remove grief

Make them feel more joy

Make them feel more calm

Book A Session


30 minutes/ $140

40 minutes/ $160

50 minutes/ $200

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